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My name is Noah Nicholl and I'm passionate about personal finance. I created this resource because I truly believe that the topic of personal finance is not discussed often enough. While it's sad to admit, most modern curriculums do students a disservice when it comes to financial literacy, regardless of education level. Unfortunately, learning the intimidating concepts of personal finance is usually left entirely to the individual with little or no assistance. Taken at face value, this daunting task alone can be enough to deter people from even beginning the journey in the first place.

By discussing topics like budgeting, investing, and financial literacy, I hope to tear down the walls that make personal finance so intimidating, provide you with meaningful information, and share helpful insights regardless of what stage you're at in your pursuit of financial independence.

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One of the most intimidating areas of personal finance is investing. The jargon used in the investment community can seem like a foreign language and most people think they need thousands of dollars to just start investing. I want to let you know that's not the case. In many cases, you can start investing with as little as $100, $10, or even $1!

I am an investment nerd! I love digging into a company's financial statement to determine if I should make an investment. I host a weekly series on YouTube called What's in Stock where I share what stock I'll be investing some of our money into during the upcoming week. New episodes are released on Sundays!

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The Blog!

The blog is a way for me to share what my wife (Nicole) and I have learned from our experiences. Ultimately, my intent is to help people avoid the mistakes we've already made, share our success stories (and teach you how to achieve similar results), and assist others in creating a more financially secure life for themselves and their family.

As a team, Nicole and I have been diligently learning, implementing, evaluating, and adjusting aspects of our combined financial life for several years now. We recognize that there will always be more to learn, more opportunities for improvement, and more to be grateful for along the way.

I hope that you take a few minutes each week to follow our journey toward financial independence, become inspired to do the same, and learn a few things in the process. New blog posts are made on Tuesdays!

Current Offers!

Finding an opportunity to say thanks to readers is an important aspect of the Nicholl for Your Thoughts blog. Creating content, providing insight, answering questions, and being a resource simply wouldn’t be possible without your readership and continued support. In an effort to reinforce this mutually beneficial relationship, my goal is to provide readers with helpful offers to save money, introduce new experiences, and enable you to get closer to achieving your goals.

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I want to know what you're thinking. As is the case in personal finance, I want to constantly improve my site, content, and blog. Answering questions, creating relevant posts, receiving feedback, and understanding your thoughts drastically increases the chances of accomplishing that goal.

If you feel comfortable, please provide an idea or topic you would like to learn more about, a question you may have, any other feedback pertaining to the blog content or site, or other relevant thoughts you may have. I'm looking forward to hearing from you!

Like I always say, your thoughts are worth more than a penny.